Introducing The 4-Week Body Transformation That'll Melt The Jelly From Your Belly, Tone Your Wobbly Bits And Have You Dancing To Run DMC Wearing Nothing But Your Undercrackers...

Welcome to the Live Lean Academy...

Okay dokey, so this 4-week belly blitz thing I'm talking about is actually part of my Live Lean Academy, a group fitness training program for men and women that want to lose lard and banish their wobbly bits pronto.

If this sounds like you, then brilliant, you're in the right place :)

So, over the next 4 weeks the idea is to not only get you back into the swing of exercising regularly, but also to help you switch things up with your diet, so that you can flatten your belly, be more energetic and a better person overall.

Each week week you'll meet the rest of the motley crew, aka "Live Lean Crew", for 3 training sessions (outdoors for summer/indoors for winter). Each workout is different, but you can expect to do a mix of squats, press-ups, lunges, planks and a few other cheeky monkeys to spice things up and get the most out of your workout.

Now, don't worry if you've been out of action for a while! That's normal for most first-timers :)

Instead of throwing you in the deep end, we'll give you easier options of each exercise to make sure you don't wind up flat on your face.

Oh and if you're a little fitter than most, we might just throw a few more difficult options your way too.

Whatever your fitness level, we just ask that you come with a can do attitude and give each exercise your best shot. This way we'll see consistent improvements in your fitness and with a bit of luck, your body shape too!


What I've told you so far is just the tip of the ice-berg.

I want you to get the best possible results over 4-weeks and there's a lot more to the Live Lean Academy that just a few training sessions each week...

The Academy is right for you if...

  • You live in Brighton or nearby
  • You're over 30 years old
  • You're prepared to get out of bed early 3 times a week
  • You don't already look like a greek god or goddess
  • You don't mind exercising outdoors
  • You've lost your mojo over recent years and need a kick up the assimus
  • Your waistline is in desperate need of some tough love
  • You're fed up of having no energy, zip, nada...
  • You would love to get back in shape and dance naked to RUN DMC
  • You're not scared of an ickle bit of hard work
  • You know that exercise should be part of your life, but need some help with this movement malarkey

I ALSO want to give you my BEST training! From fat melting workouts to delicious recipes to turbo charge your transformation...

Amazing Members Benefit #1: Extra Home Based Workouts

As well as doing 3 sessions a week with the rest of the gang I want to your body transformation even easier and that's why I've added lots of follow-along videos that you can throw into the mix whenever you feel like a bit more fat blasting. What I mean by "follow-along" is simply click play on the video workout and copy me as I take you through the entire workout step-by-step.

PLUS: All these workouts are body weight, so you can do them at home with ZERO equipment!

Amazing Members Benefit #2: Delicious Fat Melting Meals

We all know exercise is important when it comes to getting the perfect body but how many of us take a good look at our diet? Small changes to your diet can lead to big changes in your waistline and physique. I’m not talking about eating salads every day either. I have put together some amazing recipes that are actually healthy AND tasty!

Most people fail because so called "health" food tastes bloody boring. Not anymore. In the Live Lean Academy, you will find mouth watering recipes that take as little as 10 minutes to prepare!

Amazing Members Benefit #3: Habit Maker System

A big part of being successful with this health and fitness lark is having your mind in the right place.  That's why I've created the "Habit Maker"...

It's all about building new habits and trying to shake the bad habits. Now...

I don't believe that you'll ever get rid of the bad habits, but by focusing on new ones, you can at least bury those troublesome bogeys so that they're hard to reach.

Amazing Members Benefit #4: VIP Access

My #1 priority is making sure you get the absolute best results possible and I know it’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything, which is why I’ll personally be here to help you every step of the way.

If you ever have any questions about about your diet, fitness or even love life, just ask :)

FREE Bonus: Live Lean FB Group

THIS is where the real magic happens. You’ll join lots of like-minded men and women, all striving to better their lives and health. You’ll laugh together, you’ll cry together and you will find life-long friends inside this AMAZING group.

We are all here to help each other and THIS is going to be one of the best resources you have on your road to fitness and fat loss glory!

A few testimonials!

Meet your Master Trainer!

Hi, my name is Gavin Walsh and I’ve spent the last 15 years helping 1,000’s of men and women, just like you, transform their out of shape, flabby body to a toned and sexy body that turns heads.

I’ve seen first hand the struggles that men their 30's, 40's and 50's have been through and why so many fad diets and exercise routines have left them fatter with almost no hope of getting the body they really want.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to work with some of the world's top fat loss experts and have seen their best kept belly slimming secrets first hand. Through my own private clients I’ve been able to build on these secrets and even throw in a few new ones of my own! In fact nowadays, I’m regularly sought out by the press to comment and contribute on fitness and fat loss matters featuring in the likes of Men's Health, Women's Health, Men's Fitness, Cosmopolitan and Harpers Bazaar to name just a few.

By the way, this is also a picture of me below and at the time of this photo my Wife had just given birth to our first child. Let me tell you, nipping off to the gym several times a week was a big no-no during this time. Mrs W would have killed me! Yet...

Ever keen to stay to stay fit and healthy I used just some of the methods I''ve picked up over the years and to my surprise I ended up being in the best shape I've been in for years.

Now, I know what you're thinking...

You’re probably thinking that I’m probably one of these personal trainers who lives in a gym and eats broccoli 24/7, right? And that I should be in good shape!

Can I be honest with you? Yes, I eat healthy and exercise, but I’m actually a regular type of guy, with all the commitments that come with juggling a young family and work.

I've got a serious sweet tooth and a wife that loves to bake cakes, which is not the greatest combination, but I'm not giving up cake for anyone! Plus, this might shock the "fitness gurus" out there, but I even drink the odd beer from time to time...just don't tell them!

See, I told you I was a normal kind of guy!

"Okay, Gavin. How Much Does It Cost?!"

Righto, getting down to the nitty-gritty are we?! Okay...

Well, let me tell you straight up, it's not cheap, but it does offer bloody good value. And...

Although the investment in your health and fitness isn't going to cost you an arm and a leg, I will be asking you to commit fully for 4-weeks of your time to an exercise and diet program that will not only produce incredible results, but also educate you so that you can keep it up long-term without me or anyone else having to keep you accountable.

You see, that's part of your investment...TIME and EFFORT.

I train men and women that are not only prepared to invest financially in their health and fitness, but also invest mentally and physically.

I hope that's you...

Special Introductory Price

Now, in terms of the financial investment, I'm running a special introductory offer for a very limited time.

Normally, 4-weeks of training plus all the extras would cost £99, but because I'm just starting the Live Lean Academy here in Brighton it's only going to cost you £59.

Not bad at all for expert coaching and accountability, not to mention the belly flattening results you'll get too!

In fact, it's a snip considering it costs £80 pounds per session to do one-to-one personal training with me. And...

If you follow my plan, you'll get the exact same results as my high paying one-to-one clients for a fraction of the cost.

Now, at this point I probably should try and do the hard sell…

Remind you of your struggles and why you’ve been overweight for years and can't get your assimus in gear. But...

I’m not going to do that.

I only want to work with men and women that are are committed to changing their health and fitness – not just for a few weeks, but long-term.

Men and women that are ready to follow my advice and put in the effort needed to achieve their goals.

If you’re looking for some miracle results without having to do any work, then the Live Lean Academy is simply not for you.

I’d love to say it’ll be plain sailing, but chances are they’ll be a few ups and downs and it’s our job to work through them together and move forward. So...

If this sounds like something you’re interested in and you’re prepared to step out of your comfort zone for a few weeks to give your health and fitness a complete overhaul, then scroll down and book your place quickly.

Book Your Place On The Next Course Now...

There are limited places up for grabs, so if you want to transform your health and fitness once for all make, sure you book your place on the next course double pronto...

Once your payment has been confirmed look out for 2 emails.

One will be your receipt and another will be from ickle old me giving your some more information before you start. Okay...

All that's left for you to do now, is choose a time slot below and then perhaps try one of my home-based workouts before the big day :)

Monday 6th November

Hop50+ Community Centre (Palmeira Sq - Hove)

Mon, Tues & Thurs 715am to 8am

Introductory Offer

£99 £59

sign up now

gw-cirtcleRemember, if you've lost your fitness mojo and need a bit of a kick up the assimus, then this is really going to help you get back on the straight and narrow.

Book your place now and you won't regret it!

Oh and if you have any questions beforehand, feel free to email me (gavin@walshthefataway.com) or give me a bell on 01273 90 66 01.

Cheerio for now,

gavin signature




P.S. If you don't see a time slot that would suit you,  please let me know because I've had several peeps ask for mid morning and evenings and if we get enough people showing interest, then I'd be more than happy to add another time slot to the timetable. :)