Diet Free Weekends With Mike Whitfield

We all love our weekends, right?

Catch up with friends and family and maybe even have the odd boogie!

Well, my dancing days are few and far between, but I do love this tune…

I remember, when I worked in an office years ago…it was nothing like this!

Anyways, I just finished up chatting to Mikey “Pancakes” Whitfield.

You’ll see hear much talk about your diet and how eating more at the weekend can actually help you burn 3lbs a week.

Pretty awesome stuff!

Especially, when you’re out with friends and the vino is flowing!

Check out the video below…

And if you would like more information on how to lose 3lbs a week whilst enjoying your favourite foods check out the link below.

DIET FREE WEEKENDS <== just in case you love your food

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